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Giving up..

Denzil, Oct 15, 12 12:27 PM.
Hey everyone,

as some of you may have noticed, I'm not representing DP anymore. Reason is simple, I joined another guild seeing that this one isn't going anywhere, people are barely online and those who are play 99% solo. I blame noone else but myself for this, just to make it clear. Recruiting proved to be nearly mission impossible, and when someone did decide to join us, they left very soon realizing that we failed to create any sort of community here.

So I bid everyone farewell, stay in Diesel Power if you want or find something that suits you. Guild will not be disbanded, U never know, maybe one day it will be it's time to shine.

Seventh Seal

Magic Find +10%

Denzil, Sep 22, 12 12:40 AM.
As we upgraded most of the "small level" guild upgrades, now we're accumulating influence for the high level stuff. Meantime, I'm using the guild level buffs, especially the +10% Magic Find bonus for the entire guild in the duration of 72h! I activated the first one yesterday so we'd have entire weekend covered with the bonus. 
As soon as we start getting more active members, influence input will start rising faster and we'll be able to have this kind of guild buffs active for more than weekend at a time.

Guild Armorer!

Denzil, Sep 5, 12 6:51 AM.
We researched guild armorer upgrade for the guild yesterday.


This NPC provides you with armor pieces for displaying your guild emblem.
You can buy an armor skin for 1 gold, it will chage complete appearance of your CHEST PIECE only, putting guild logo on your chest (not sure about the back). Looks like you are wearing a tabard with a logo really.
You can also buy a BACKPACK item, level 35 is 1g, as level goes up so does the price and stats on the backpack. This item goes into your cape slot, but on your back looks like an actually backpack. Almost as if you are going mountain climbing or to school :)  Needles to say, guild emblem is on the backpack. For those who have no cape armor, this is not a bad idea, that is if you can spare 1g. I put a picture of my char wearing this in the gallery.

IMO it's a pretty slim choice they got there, it's expensive and the entire armor skin change doesn't really suit my taste. Weapon armorer bill be unlocked soon too but I fear it will be the principle.

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Denzil, Aug 23, 12 2:38 PM.
Welcome to Diesel Power website!
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